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The Netherlands
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Wageningen is situated exactly on the spot where the Veluwe (an area of dry woodlands and moors) and the Gelderse Vallei (a valley with grassy pastures) meet, with the river Rijn (locally called Nederrijn) as a natural boundary. The Grebbeberg (52 metres), the most southern hill of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, with the town of Rhenen at its foot, is very close to the Wageningse Berg (42 metres), the most southern bulge of the Veluwe.


Wageningen features an important inland shipping harbour at the Rijn, with amongst other things transfer and storage facilities for oil. The beautiful orchards on the south bank of the Nederrijn, the Betuwe, can be reached by the ferry Opheusdense Veer.Forum


Wageningen is known as the Stad der Bevrijding (City of Liberation) but also as City of Life Sciences. In this university city of some 36.000 residents, the Germans signed the Capitulation Treaty in Hotel de Wereld on May 5th 1945. This treaty signified the end of the Second World War in the Netherlands. Every May 4th and May 5th more then 100.000 people come to Wageningen to commemorate the war victims and celebrate the liberation.


Apart from the fact that Wageningen is a beautiful and interesting city, the surrounding area, the Veluwe, offers a wealth of beauty, such as lovely scenery, innumerable places of interest and overwhelming nature.